Internet Celebrities Who Were Stalked By Their Fans

Once you obtain some internet fame you never know what can come along with it, unfortunately for these internet celebrities, it was crazy stalker fans.


I think we all remember this girl right? If you don’t then here’s a little background information, Boxxy is a character played by internet celebrity Katie Wayne, She started to become popular in late 2008 and early 2009.

I think we all remember this girl right? If you don’t then here’s a little background information, Boxxy is a character played by internet celebrity Katie Wayne, She started to become popular in late 2008 and early 2009.

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In January 2008 she recorded two videos, in them she was addressing her friends on anime-themed social networking site gaia, She uploaded the videos onto her youtube channel by the name of “boxybabee” later on in the year the videos were reposted
to and from here they spread to 4chan and other websites.
Due to the rise in popularity of her videos, she responded by posting a third video, in it she is wearing heavy eyeliner and seems to be very excited and rambles about things, with her newfound fame came several cyberstalkers, mainly coming from imageboard website 4chan.
On 4chan there was a heated discussion between boxxy supporters and boxxy haters.
This lead to several hacking incidents, members of 4chan were able to hack into boxxy’s account and receive her personal information. They released her full name, address, phone number and other personal information they also revealed that she was playing the character of “boxxy”.due to the address leak people had begun to start stalking her in real life, Catie began to receive phone calls from obsessed people who would ask her strange questions, others would show up at her doorstep.
Some people had even went as far as to sending her videos claiming that now they know her address they are going to murder her. this actually forced her to move home as people kept appearing at her house.she had made a post about it on twitter claiming that she had been forced to move to an undisclosed location.
The attention had died out during 2010 but she continued to post videos on a new account, in 2011 she uploaded a video explaining that “boxxy” was a character that she was playing.

Amor Hilton

Amor Hilton is a model, DJ, and actress. She made her claim to internet fame in 2007 and 2008. She was very popular on myspace and also had a popular show on Stickam. Stickcam was a live-streaming website in which users could submit pictures, audio and video but could also live stream with their fans.


In 2008 a man by the name of Jeffrey Weinberg became obsessed with amor and started to cyberstalk her, previous to this he had served a 10-month sentence for hacking into Paris Hilton’s cellphone, he enjoyed stalking celebrities and hacking into their accounts.
One day, Amor tried to log into her myspace account but she was denied entry she noticed that her cellphone had also been turns out that Jeffrey had managed to hack into her myspace account and also hack into her cellphone. he would read through all of her messages on myspace and also listen to her phone calls. At the time this all occurred its reported amor was only 17 or 18 years of age.
Amor was unsure to what was going on that was until Jeffrey had contacted her, he said that he will give her access back to her myspace account if she has phone sex with him and sends him nudes, Amor quickly contacted the police and with their help, Jeffrey was arrested he was sentenced to 2 years in prison for an act of computer intrusion.

Kourtney Reppert


Kourtney Reppert is a glamour model and online personality, she posts revealing photos of her self on Instagram. In response, she has obtained hundreds of thousands of followers on the site, After seeing her photos online a man by the name of Luis Plascencia developed an fixation with Kourtney and started to cyber stalk her She said during 2012 she started receiving strange emails from multiple accounts one said “I hope you die in an automobile accident and it crushes your ugly face through the windshield and a large piece of glass cuts your throat, He sent other disturbing emails which said he was going to decapitate her and cut her parents up into little pieces if she didn’t stop modeling.
Kourtney became very worried after reading the emails and informed the police who contacted the F.B.I they managed to trace the emails back to Luis, He would email from several different accounts using computers at the Chicago public library, Police took Luis in for questioning and also searched his home, they had found that he had a collection of over 200 photos of Kourtney, he had also admitted that he had once impersonated a photographer in an attempt to get Kourtney to pose nude for him, not only did he send emails he also sent letters to her house and her parent’s house.

Kourtney was so shaken by the events that she had hired bodyguards to protect her, Luis appeared in court to face charges which carried a maximum of five years in prison.

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is a youtube celebrity, the 24-year-old from Massachusetts has two youtube channels: JoeyGraceffa and JoeyGraceffaGames, they have over 800 million views combined.
in 2009 he began to post on his main youtube channel he posts daily vlogs but also posts challenges and sometimes music videos, his popularity soon began to spread and with it came millions of fans and some stalkers.


In 2012 one stalker went too far and hired a private investigator to find out where joey lived, It’s believed that once the stalker got this information they broke into joeys house, this was hinted at by joey in a video he uploaded titled “STALKER!”.
He hinted that a fan had broken into his apartment his room-mate even had to arm herself with pepper spray.
In 2015 during an interview at VidCon, he admitted that a fan had hired a private investigator to find out where he lived, there are little details about the case it’s unsure to who the fan was or what happened to them but in the “STALKER!” video he had explained that he called the police so they must have dealt with the stalker.


Zoe Sugg otherwise known as Zoella is an english fashion and beauty vlogger, youtuber and author. She started her Youtube Channel titled “zoella”.


In 2009, initially, it started out as a blog but expanded into a youtube channel.
As of 2015 her main channel has 9.5 million subscribers and 600 million views this combined with her second channel “morezoella” would total to 13 million subscribers and 900 million views.
In April of 2015, she was forced to re-upload a video after she noticed she accidentally revealed her home address on camera, after this several fans and maybe even creepy stalkers thought it would be appropriate to show up to her house and ring her doorbell most fans only wanted pictures but it was still quite inappropriate, she had made several light-hearted posts about it on twitter.
A part of zoella’s management team stated that fans of youtubers feel like they are allowed to be far more intrusive because viewers see them more like friends than celebrities, her boyfriend popular youtuber “alfie deyes” claimed there were people leaning over their garden wall just to take a peak into the house.